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Welcome to the Certified Staging and Redesign Academy
and the Professional Home Stager Course
I am glad you decided to take a look at CSRA!

Spring Training Dates are April 4-7, 2018

Hands-On Training!
In Homes That Will Be On the Market, By a RESA Award Winning Stager and Re-designer who understands how to run a business!

Why settle for a one day Job Shadow Program as your only hands-on experience? Why not plan, pack and stage both a vacant and an occupied home that will be on the market?

Learn and practice how to conduct Home Staging Consultations right in a client’s home. Gain not only real life experience but confidence in actually doing the work. You learn best by doing, trial and error, and asking questions along the way.

Why would you learn your trade online? If you are NOT going to stage virtually, WHY would you learn that way?

This is the BEST and most complete HANDS-ON Training on the market! Receive a manual providing a wealth of information to go back to over and over. Complete with contracts, project sheets, pricing spreadsheets, marketing forms, services to gain additional income, tips for running a business and much more.

Within 4 days you will be trained and equipped with everything you need to be successful at what you do.

Don’t stretch your training over weeks and weeks by reading a computer screen. Jump in and get your business up and running quickly.

Whether you have already been trained as a Home Stager, you are a real estate agent or investor, a designer looking to add Home Staging Services or looking for a new career, you are in the right place. This program will help you to easily develop your Home Staging services, build your business and walk you through the very best marketing strategies in the industry! In other words, you finally get to do something you love.

Here’s a testimonial from a former CSRA student:

“Hey Shar, I’m staging my first vacant home today and I can’t thank you enough for all that you taught me during your course! I’m so thrilled to finally be doing something I love for a living! Thank you and I hope you’re doing wonderfully!”


The best way to learn is to actually do the work, not sitting in a classroom or in front of your computer. Someone can tell you how to do it but until you do it yourself and practice you won’t grasp all that is involved. This four day course allows you to take your business to the ultimate level by getting your hands right into the action.
Spring Training Dates are April 4-7, 2018.
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Here are what more students are saying:

“Hands on training gave me more confidence and more staging techniques. So many benefits – so glad I took the course!”
– Kim, Student

“I found great benefit from the staging system overview, the actual hands on was the biggest benefit and learning the business side of it.”
– Marsha, Student

“Last summer 2012 I took a course with Shar Sitter being the instructor for the Professional Home Stager Certification. The time she spent sharing her skills and her ability to teach me has made my skills as an interior designer much stronger. I have since started my own business in staging and redesign. She has been there every step of the way with her advice and mentoring me through many of my steps to be able to continue and be successful. Being able to have the opportunity with Shar Sitter I have been very grateful and would recommend anyone to her in the future for this training program.”
– Melissa Kilgard, Student

“I have been searching for a way to help me fulfill my creative side and taking this class with you has given me the confidence I was looking for. It’s been a jam packed last few days. Wow! Thanks again.”
– Lisa, Student

“Shar’s course was a great opportunity to refine my staging career. She is not only a top notch trainer, designer, stager, but also a wonderful person. She offered facts, guidance and hands-on experience to be a successful business owner. I was encouraged to think outside the box and focus on the client, to best serve each unique person and situation. Shar’s course is valuable for someone just exploring staging or individuals with various design experience. I have learned valuable tools and made lovely connections!”
– Student

“Shar, I want to thank you for all of the training and positive support you have provided me. I am now prepared to launch my home staging business and feel fortunate to have you as the role model for success.”
– Beth